is an experimental project to fight spammers. Very similar to teergrubing (Tar baby), mailsiphon seeks to consume the resources of spammers by having them spam an address. Unlike teergrubing, mailsiphon takes a more direct approach. Instead of consuming a spammers channel, mailsiphon actually accepts email, then discard it.

The theory is this. As spammers troll the web, looking for email addresses to spam, they eventually hit, and find thousands of apparently valid email addresses to spam. These names get added to their lists. Every spam sent to, is one less spam in someone elses mailbox.

How you can help. If you have a web page, just add a link to to it. This can be a normal link, or an "invisible" link like this;

<A HREF=""> &nbsp; </A>
Or, grab some random names from this page and sprinkle them in your web pages.

The following bogus addresses don't lead anywhere, and any email sent to them will be dumped.

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